Alleged drunk driver causes fatal accident in Boca Raton

Everyone in Florida knows how dangerous drunk driving is. Between strict laws against it and widespread campaigns warning drivers of the harm it can cause, it would be nearly impossible for someone to claim they didn’t know it was a safety risk. Unfortunately, people in our area continue to get behind the wheel after drinking, and a recent accident in Boca Raton shows the damage it can cause. Read More

3-Years-Old Lake Worth Girl Hit by Truck, Killed

On a recent afternoon, a Lake Worth woman’s phone rang. When she answered, she heard the words that every parent dreads. Her daughter had been hit by a truck and was seriously injured.

Before that phone call, the woman’s 3-year-old daughter and a friend walked to a nearby convenience store. As they were on their way home, a truck swerved off the road and struck them. The aftermath of the car accident is likely the worst thing the young girl’s mother could every imagine. Read More

NHTSA clarifies its stance on auto recall enforcement

In recent months, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has had several public disputes with auto manufacturers over the issue of recalls. It has questioned the adequacy of recalls initiated by General Motors several times. And it engaged in a public dispute with Chrysler which initially refused to institute a recall that the NHTSA had insisted upon. At this point, it would be unsurprising if the NHTSA instituted either a crackdown or publically shied away from instituting any more recalls for a time. Rather than embrace either extreme, the NHTSA has clarified that it will continue to stand its ground in regards to how it approaches defective products recalls. Read More

Florida’s proposed texting while driving ban

The dangers of distracted driving are increasingly understood by the public. What many drivers may not know however is that all distractions are not created equally. There are three primary kinds of distractions: visual, cognitive and manual. Manual distractions require motorists to take their hands off the wheel, visual distractions take eyes off the road and cognitive take minds off of the act of driving. Texting while driving employs all three kinds of distractions. Read More