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Category Archives: Slip and Fall

slip and fall

Understanding the Causes and Effects of Slip and Falls

By Leifer Law Firm |

We have all slipped and fallen a few times in our lives. After all, a range of circumstances can fall under the term “slip and fall”. A slip and fall can encompass many different causes of injuries a person may suffer when someone slips, trips or falls when coming into contact with an unreasonably… Read More »

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Important Considerations For Proving a Slip and Fall Case

By Leifer Law Firm |

Falls happen every day. However, they can lead to especially tragic results when they occur outside of your home at a business establishment. You can suffer serious injuries that lead to you needing to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party. As a plaintiff in a slip and fall case, you should… Read More »

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Tourist Files Slip and Fall Claim Against Florida Resort

By Leifer Law Firm |

A tourist from Philadelphia has filed a claim against the owner of an Orlando resort claiming that their negligence resulted in him falling in the hotel bathroom. The man filed the claim against Loews Sapphire Falls Resort alleging that the resort owner failed to keep the property safe for invitees. The victim fell in… Read More »

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Walmart Being Sued for Slip and Fall Accident

By Leifer Law Firm |

A customer who claims she was injured after tripping over a shopping cart that was left in the aisle at Walmart has now filed suit against the retailer. The complaint was filed against Walmart Store 942 in Orlando on April 3 and claims that Walmart failed to maintain its premises and use due care… Read More »

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Frequently Asked Questions About Retail Store Slip and Fall Accidents

By Leifer Law Firm |

“Slip and fall” is a blanket reference to slips, trips, and falls that result in injury. Slips occur due to a loss of traction between your foot (or, more likely, your footwear) and the surface you are walking on. It could be a wet surface, such as a freshly mopped floor, or a slippery… Read More »

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4 Things You Need to Know About Slip and Fall Accidents

By Leifer Law Firm |

The National Floor Safety Institute estimates that there are nearly 8 million emergency room visits each year due to slip and fall accidents. These accidents can have a variety of different causes like: Wet floors Uneven flooring Poorly maintained sidewalks or other common areas Damaged stairways Unsafe construction areas Faulty handrails Low lighting in… Read More »

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