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Category Archives: Defective Products


JUUL Dangers and Lawsuits

By Leifer Law Firm |

Over the last few years, vaping, or e-cigarette use, has increased dramatically across the country and here in the State of Florida. However, vaping, particularly among teens, is a rapidly growing concern. Between 2011 and 2015, vaping reportedly increased by 900 percent among American high schoolers. And in 2018, one in four Florida high… Read More »

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The Risks of the Roundup Herbicide

By Leifer Law Firm |

In addition to the beautiful weather and beaches present in much of the state, Florida also offers an ideal location for growing certain crops. In fact, Florida is one of the leading agricultural states for certain food sources – such as sugarcane, oranges and grapefruit – that don’t thrive in much of the other… Read More »

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Understanding Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

By Leifer Law Firm |

The South Florida Sun Sentinel has reported that two federal agencies are now dispatching investigators to the scene of a recent crash involving a Tesla electric car. The car reportedly drove beneath a semitrailer that was crossing State Road 7 which resulted in the death of the driver. It is anticipated that the two… Read More »

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Helping Your Child Safely Play Childhood Games in a World with Defective Products

By Leifer Law Firm |

Playing games as a child is one of the purest forms of fun that many young people experience. Even the most simple of games can keep children entertained for hours and we all think it’s great when they move away from their tablets, televisions and video games to get out into the fresh air… Read More »

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Florida Man Dies in House Fire

By Leifer Law Firm |

A man from Florida died on Christmas morning after the home he was staying at in South Carolina burned down. The coroner for Sumner county said that the man from Port Orange, Florida was the only person home when the home in Pinewood caught fire. The cause of the fire has yet to be… Read More »

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