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Serious injuries are often the result of an accident, but they can also develop over time due to exposure to hazardous substances or conditions. Regardless of whether serious injuries are instantaneous or progressive, they are devastating for the victim and can lead to considerable losses. Fortunately, Florida law provides victims with rights if they were harmed by another person’s negligent acts. It may be possible to seek compensation from the responsible party, but the process of filing a claim can be complicated.

To protect your rights and ensure the highest amount of compensation by law, it is critical to work with an experienced attorney. Please contact Leifer & Ramirez to speak with a skilled Delray Beach personal injury lawyer, and read on for some helpful information about these cases.

Delray Beach Catastrophic Injury Attorneys Protect Your Rights

When you, your child, an aging parent, or another loved one suffers catastrophic injuries due to negligence, you need solid legal counsel to help you navigate the complex legal issues. Our serious injury lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez are dedicated to pursuing your claim, so you can recover compensation for your losses. In a case based upon negligence, you must prove that:

  • The responsible party had a duty to exercise a reasonable amount of care, so as not to cause injury to others;
  • He or she breached this legal duty;
  • The breach resulted in serious injuries; and,
  • You suffered losses because of your injuries.

Our attorneys have the experience and in-depth knowledge necessary get the justice you deserve as the victim of catastrophic injuries. We partner with medical experts, economists, accident reconstruction specialists, life planning experts and other specialists to firmly establish these essential elements.

We are at your side throughout the entire process, from filing a claim to negotiating a settlement on your behalf. If we cannot obtain the compensation you deserve by law, we will take the battle to court to enforce your rights. However, you should note that time is of the essence in serious injury cases: The Florida statute of limitations only allows you four years to file a lawsuit, or you lose your right to do so.

Compensation for All Types of Serious Injuries

Our attorneys at Leifer & Ramirez have assisted clients in cases involving some of the most tragic, devastating types of injuries, including:

  • Brain injuries, concussion, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI);
  • Spinal cord and neck injuries;
  • Whiplash and soft tissue injuries;
  • Severe burns and permanent scarring;
  • Bone fractures, lacerations, and abrasions;
  • Amputations;
  • Loss of sight and hearing injuries;
  • Damage to internal organs; and,
  • Many more.

We are prepared to represent your interests in connection with many different negligence-based scenarios. Some of the more common incidents that lead to serious injuries include:

  • Car, truck, motorcycle, and other motor vehicle crashes;
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents;
  • Workplace incidents;
  • Injuries due to dangerous conditions on property; and,
  • Other accidents involving negligent acts.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Delray Beach Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you or a loved one has sustained serious injuries because of another person’s negligence, it is critical to discuss your circumstances with an attorney right away. Please contact the Delray Beach personal injury lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez to schedule a free consultation. You can reach us by calling 561-660-9421 or checking out our website.

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