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Many of us ride bicycles for exercise, to commute to work and local errands, and simply for the pleasure that bicycling can bring. When bicycle paths are not available, bicyclists often must share the road with motor vehicles. This puts bicyclists at risk of being involved in collisions with cars and other vehicles, contact our Boynton Beach bicycle accident lawyers today.

Collisions Between Bicycles and Cars

A bicyclist simply does not have the protection from impact that a motorist has. When a car and a bicycle collide, the bicyclist often has a greater chance of suffering a serious injury because his or her body is directly exposed to the vehicle. A bicyclist can be pinned between a car and a stationary object, thrown to the ground, or crushed under the bicycle in a collision.

Bicycle Accident Injuries you Can Suffer in an Accident

There are a variety of ways you can be injured in a bicycle accident. These include:

  • Broken bones;
  • Soft tissue injuries;
  • Lacerations;
  • Burns;
  • Loss of a limb or extremity;
  • Traumatic brain injury; and
  • Spinal cord injuries.

These injuries can have long-term complications, like permanent disfigurement from a burn or a scar. Other complications are not physical, but mental. For example, you might develop depression or an anxiety disorder following a bicycle accident.

Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you could be entitled to recover monetary compensation for the following damages through a personal injury claim:

  • Your medical expenses;
  • Your lost wages; and
  • Your pain and suffering expenses.

If you become permanently disabled, you can pursue compensation for the wages you cannot earn over the course of the rest of your career. You can also pursue compensation for your emotional trauma and reduced quality of life following the accident.

In order to pursue compensation for these damages, you must provide sufficient evidence to illustrate that your injury and resulting damages were the direct result of another party’s negligence. You must also provide evidence showing the extent of your damages. This body of evidence can include:

  • Copies of your medical bills;
  • Eyewitness testimonies to the accident;
  • A copy of the official police report for the accident;
  • Photographs of the accident scene;
  • Documentation of your current wage and your projected lost wages due to the injury; and
  • Expert testimonies discussing your injury, your prognosis, and the accident itself. These are testimonies from professionals whose specific knowledge, such as a doctor or a civil engineer, enable them to discuss your case without actually having witnessed it firsthand. 

Work with an Experienced Boynton Beach Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a bicycle accident because of another party’s negligence, you could be entitled to recover monetary compensation for your related damages through a personal injury claim. Work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to develop and pursue your claim. To get started with our team at Leifer & Ramirez, contact our office today to set up your free legal consultation.

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