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Boca Raton Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners in Florida are responsible for keeping their properties safe for others who may visit them. At Leifer & Ramirez, our Boca Raton premises liability lawyers represent those individuals that are injured because property owners failed to maintain a safe property for their visitors.

We have helped countless victims with various types of premises liability cases and we can help you too. You required ways to tell if you have a premises liability case. Start exploring your legal options by contacting the lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez today for a free consultation.

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The Degree of Care and Premise Liability

Premise liability cases refer to the degree of care required by parties responsible for the property.

These individuals can include, but are not limited to:

  • Property owners
  • Property managers
  • Caretakers
  • Companies that are in charge of maintaining the property

Florida property owners and managers are required to keep their properties safe. But, the degree of care they owe to individuals depends on the type of individual on their property.

  • Invited Parties – A person that is invited onto the property by the property owner or who visits a commercial property for the benefit of that business is expected to receive the highest level of care. Property owners must take care of any potential liabilities, implement proper security measures, and take care of dangerous conditions as soon as they are notified about them.
  • Licensee Parties – This person is on the property for a non-business purpose. They must be warned about potential hazards. A guest at a person’s private home is considered a licensee also.
  • Trespassers – There are no duties required of the property owner to trespassers. A property owner that is aware of a trespasser is then only required to refrain from any negligent behavior while that trespasser is on their property.

Trespassers may not receive any duty of care, but children on the property (even if they are trespassing) are not the same.

Under Florida’s attractive nuisance doctrine, property owners have a duty to protect children from hazards on their property.

They can be held liable if there is a known hazard on their property that they fail to correct and a child is injured.

Types of Premise Liability Cases Leifer & Ramirez Represents

There are numerous types of premise liability cases, but the two most common that Leifer & Ramirez represents include:

  • Slip and Fall Injuries –Slip and fall injuries are a lot more severe than people realize. Whether it is because of ice, water or spilled liquids or uneven ground, the injuries associated with these accidents are painful and can even be debilitating.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents – Pool owners have to not only keep their pool clean, but safe. Accidental drownings in swimming pools that are not gated off or due to inadequate supervision fall under premise liability.
  • Negligent Security – Negligent security can happen on commercial and private property. Owners are responsible for keeping criminals away from their property and ensuring that they do not harm people visiting their properties. This may include having security cameras, adequate lighting, alarm systems or even performing background checks on employees before they are hired.
  • Dog Bites – Having a vicious dog on your property and not doing anything to protect others from that dog could be grounds for a premise liability case.

Damages in a Premise Liability Case

If you are injured on a private or commercial property and the property owner clearly failed to protect you from known hazards, then you may have a premise liability lawsuit case.

In order to file your claim, the premises liability lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez will have to prove:

  • You were lawfully allowed on the property or that you were invited by the property owner;
  • The owner failed to prevent known hazards from injuring you;
  • Their failure to act caused your injuries and damages.

If the property owner did fail to correct hazardous situations on their property, you may be entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical costs associated with the injury
  • Emotional suffering and physical pain
  • Lost wages and loss of future earning capacity
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Funeral or burial expenses (wrongful death)
  • Loss of companionship (wrongful death)

Get Started with Experienced Boca Raton Premises Liability Lawyers Today

If you or a loved one was injured in on a dangerous property, contact the attorneys at Leifer & Ramirez today. We offer free consultations and there is no obligation to hire is even if you meet with us.

Our attorneys will aggressively represent your right to maximum compensation for the property owner’s negligence. Contact Boca Raton premises liability lawyers today to schedule your consultation. Our Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and West Palm Beach offices serving all of South Florida.

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