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Category Archives: Distracted Driving


Texting and Driving – What We Have Learned in the First Month of Florida’s New Ban on Texting While Driving

By Leifer Law Firm |

As of July 1, the state of Florida implemented a new texting and driving law that is intended to change how drivers operate in the future. Now that the law has been in place for over a month, we can begin to recognize some of the differences between the old law and the new… Read More »

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The Dangers of Distracted Driving and the Bill That’s Been Proposed to Regulate it

By Leifer Law Firm |

Distracted driving is risky behavior and the results of it are clearly on the minds of those in the political realm. The Palm Beach Post recently reported that what was initially a bill against cellphone use by Florida drivers has been expanded in a way that proponents claim can stop distracted driving altogether. What… Read More »

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