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Steps Drivers Can Take to Stay Safe in Traffic


Who doesn’t love the popular “Bad Boys” movie series that headlines Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and just happens to take place right here in South Florida? Filming for the third installment of the series is underway and fans are excited for the release of the next movie. However, this filming comes with other consequences for local residents. Local 10 News recently reported that the production team that is filming scenes for the upcoming sequel recently had to shut down parts of Miami’s Brickell neighborhood which caused traffic delays. This is just the latest example of the ongoing problem with traffic here in South Florida.

Just How Bad is Traffic in South Florida?

Local 10 News had previously reported that traffic is so bad in South Florida that many commuters would reportedly refrain from alcohol in order to have an easier drive to and from work. In other words, traffic was already bad in this area and now due to filming, it’s about to get worse.

What Steps Can Drivers Take to Stay Safe in Traffic?

Before leaving home:

  • Plan ahead. Navigate your route before leaving home with a real time smartphone application such as Google Maps. This should show you any traffic reports for any delays, construction zones and accidents and can help you find an alternate route to your destination if necessary.

  • Give yourself extra time. This isn’t the time to leave yourself just enough time to make it somewhere. Instead, make sure that you leave early just in case you do become caught in a pocket of traffic that delays your journey.

  • Perform maintenance regularly. You should ensure that your car tires have good tread and that your brakes are in ideal condition before hitting the road, and this is especially true when you know you will be battling bumper-to-bumper traffic where you may be stopping and starting often.

While en route:

  • Keep a safe distance between vehicles. Tailgating is a good way to end up in a rear-end accident. Instead of following closely behind the car in front of you, leave enough space for cars to merge if necessary.

  • Refrain from distracted driving. While behavior such as texting or eating while driving can always be a distraction, this kind of behavior can have particularly bad consequences in traffic jams where activity is constantly happening.

  • Remain calm. While no one wants to get stuck in traffic, it is an inevitable aspect of driving and it periodically happens to every driver. Even if you’re frustrated, you should try to keep your cool and remember that anger can lead to road rage which will only make things worse.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured in an Accident as the Result of Traffic?

If someone else’s negligence caused your injuries, there is a good chance that you are entitled to recover from the responsible parties, and even if no one else is responsible, you have options under Florida law. The Boca Raton auto accident attorneys of Leifer & Ramirez have helped many people pursue the compensation that they deserve during our 25 years of combined experience and we can help you hold the responsible parties responsible. Contact us today for help.



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