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I Was Injured While on a Cruise–Can I Sue?

By Leifer Law Firm |

When a slip and fall accident occurs within Florida, you have the right to sue the property owner in court for damages. This is what is known as a premises liability claim. Essentially, you need to prove that the owner’s negligence in maintaining their property caused your accident. But what happens when a slip… Read More »

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The Role of “Proximate Causation” in Florida Personal Injury Cases

By Leifer Law Firm |

In a personal injury case, the plaintiff must prove proximate cause. That is, even if the defendant clearly committed a negligent act, the plaintiff still needs to explain how that negligence caused their actual injury. As the Florida Supreme Court has explained, proximate cause requires proof that it was “more likely than not that… Read More »

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Insurance Companies Are Not Always Required to Cover an Auto Accident

By Leifer Law Firm |

Insurance companies are often responsible for paying out any damages arising from a car accident caused by the policyholder’s negligence. Of course, an insurance policy is itself a contract. And as such, courts will strictly interpret the terms of that contract when deciding if a particular accident is even covered in the first place…. Read More »

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How “Summary Judgment” Can Affect Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Leifer Law Firm |

Before a personal injury case gets before a jury, either party can move for what is called “summary judgment.” Basically, summary judgment means that the judge determines whether sufficient evidence exists to even warrant sending a case–or a specific issue within a case–to a jury. Put another way, a summary judgment motion allows a… Read More »

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Why Would My Personal Injury Case Be Heard in Federal Court?

By Leifer Law Firm |

Personal injury generally falls under state law. This means if you need to sue someone for causing a car accident, you will do so in a Florida circuit court. But in some cases, the person you sue has the right to transfer your lawsuit to a federal court. This process is known as removal…. Read More »

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