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Can Fireworks Result in a Personal Injury Claim?


During the recent Fourth of July celebration, people all over Florida celebrated by spending time with family and friends, enjoying a barbecue cookout, and even taking in a firework display. While fireworks are a fun part of the holiday, they can be extremely dangerous. Most of the time the shows are held without any complications, but sometimes, they result in serious injuries and damages. So now is a perfect time to be reminded of what Florida law says about fireworks and liability.

Florida Fireworks Law

Nearly all types of fireworks are illegal in the state of Florida unless you are licensed to have them. There are a few small exceptions like sparklers and party poppers, but for the most part, the general public isn’t allowed to purchase or shoot off fireworks.

Some stores will still sell certain types of fireworks to anyone who is willing to sign a waiver but understand that this is illegal. The general public is not allowed to purchase or use fireworks that explode or lift off the ground.

Fireworks Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Unfortunately, as much as we all enjoy a good firework show, there are multiple ways in which fireworks can cause injuries. Some of those injuries may implicate liability on the part of the manufacturer or retailer. For example, if the wick is too short it may detonate before the person lighting it is able to get a safe distance away. A firework can also be over-filled with explosives, making the explosion much larger than expected. Some common fireworks injuries include:

  • Burns
  • Eye Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Loss of Fingers and Limb Amputations
  • Loss of Hearing
  • Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Scarring and Disfigurement

These types of injuries don’t just happen to private individuals either. People who attend fireworks displays for the public have also been known to sustain serious injuries when fireworks malfunction. This means that not only could the manufacturer or retailer be liable for your injuries, but a local government or other party hosting the public firework event could be liable for injuries as well.

Are You Entitled to a Personal Injury Claim?

Although fireworks are illegal in Florida, you may still be entitled to a personal injury claim if you are seriously injured by fireworks. Product liability claims may arise when the fireworks don’t function as planned and the defect resulted in an injury. This could be due to the design or the manufacturing process for the fireworks. If you sustained an injury due to another party’s negligence, you could file a lawsuit against the individual for failing to exercise reasonable care in shooting off the fireworks.

An experienced Boca Raton personal injury attorney at Leifer & Ramirez will be able to review the circumstances surrounding your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation through a lawsuit. Contact us today to schedule a consult at one of their convenient Florida locations.


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