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Tragic Parasailing Accident In Florida Keys


Recently there was an incredibly tragic parasailing accident in the Florida Keys, that occurred when a boat captain who was taking a 33-year-old woman, her young son, and her nephew, on a parasailing ride, cut the rope to the parasail. The captain claimed that he needed to cut the rope because the parasail was caught in heavy winds and was dragging his vessel. However, an investigation by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission found that it was a gross and flagrant move to cut the rope, and that other options should have been considered and tried. After the captain cut the rope to the parasail, the woman and two boys flew through the air for nearly 2 miles before colliding with a bridge where the woman was severely injured and trapped under water. One of the boys was also trapped with his head under water. The woman’s other family members were on the boat with the captain, and begged him to go where the parasail had collided with the bridge so that they could help their loved ones, but he refused and simply returned to shore. A captain from another boat rendered aid to the 3 individuals, but the added time caused by the lack of immediate aid also could have contributed to the severity of their injuries. The woman died as a result of the collision and the two boys suffered varying degrees of injuries. The investigators also pointed out that while the captain cited dragging and wind as reasons for cutting the rope to the parasail, the woman and her family had offered to come back the following day if the weather wasn’t good for parasailing, but that he had insisted that it was fine. Additionally, the report highlighted the fact that large black, ominous clouds were visible in the sky, so he should have known that the weather was not alright for parasailing based on his professional experience. The investigation into the accident took over a month, but now that the results of the investigation have been provided, the captain has been placed under arrest and charged with manslaughter in the death of the woman. He is currently in jail on a $100,000 bond.

Suing for a Parasailing Accident

Many activities, such as parasailing or skydiving, require participants to first sign a liability waiver excusing them of any wrongdoing in the event that an accident occurs. However, these are not a complete bar to liability. Courts generally will not uphold a liability waiver in the case of gross negligence. Given the investigation’s finding that the captain in the aforementioned case was gross  personal liability claim against the captain and his employer, in addition to seeking criminal justice.

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