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The Deadly Truth about Drowsy Driving

About Drowsy Driving

Distracted driving and driving while under the influence are two of the top causes for car accidents today. This may or may not come as a shock to us. However, in addition to these causes, fatigued driving is also a top reason for car accidents.

In fact, did you know that fatigue plays a huge role in up to 7,500 fatal car accidents each year in the United States? Additionally, according to the CDC, 25 percent of all fatal collisions are due to fatigued driving in some form.

Who are Drowsy Drivers?

Drowsy drivers make up a shockingly large percentage of drivers on the road. High-pressure, strict, and rigid work and school schedules, long hours, and a lack of sleep all inhibit our abilities and reaction times while driving. Most of these drivers include blue-collar workers, executives, and even truck drivers.

Technology to the Rescue?

In today’s day in age when technology is typically a common factor in deadly car and truck accidents, technology actually might be used to help us, which was its original intent.

For example, in the case of delivery trucks, many large trucking companies are implementing built-in systems to help prevent accidents.

These built-in systems alert drivers when they are nearing fixed objects by the use of cameras and lasers. Some systems even brake for drivers. Research predicts that this new technology will help reduce fatal car accidents by approximately 40 percent.

There are also new apps that are becoming available that detect a driver’s age, weight, and the amount of sleep he or she received the night before. By making these calculations, the app then alerts the user to periodically touch or handle the device.

We all know that accidents can happen—anywhere and at any time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something to help prevent them. Either by using technology or taking a nap, preventing fatal car accidents due to drowsy driving will only help.

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