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Accessing Medical Records for Rideshare Recovery


Convenient and affordable, Uber and Lyft have become an attractive transportation option for many who live and visit Florida. While people jump into rideshare vehicles everyday with only their destination in mind, the reality is accidents can happen, and when they do they sometimes result in injuries that require medical treatment.

If you find yourself in need of financial relief after an Uber or Lyft collision, obtaining your medical records may be part of securing a full and fair competition package. Discuss your case with a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer, an attorney can provide guidance on what parts of your medical records to submit and when.

Why Medical Records Are Essential

Accurate medical records are vital for a strong injury claim. These records underscore your need for competition when pursuing financial relief for the following reasons.

  • Establishes a connection. Medical records serve as evidence that links your injuries to the event itself. After an Uber or Lyft crash, records can help to establish liability on the part of the rideshare driver or other negligent parties.
  • Outlines the level of damage. Comprehensive medical records provide a clear picture of the severity of your injuries and the treatments you’ve received, aiding in calculating the compensation you deserve.
  • Clear monetary amounts. Medical bills, prescriptions, and other treatment costs can be significant, and clear medical records allow insurance adjusters and legal professionals to quantify these damages accurately.
  • Assess future medical needs. Some injuries require ongoing treatment or carry long-term health consequences, and assessing records can help in anticipating these needs, ensuring you access not just the expenses you have today but also the necessary compensation for future expenses.

While it is important to share the medical records directly related to your accident injuries you don’t want to overshare as there may be sensitive medical information in your records unrelated to the accident. When you work with an attorney, they will work to be sure your private information is shielded from public view.

Be Honest with Your Attorney

Rideshare cases can be nuanced, and you don’t have to guess when it comes to what information you should share with insurance adjusters and what data should remain private. Be honest with your attorney. Together, the two of you can look over your medical history and discuss how to be transparent about your current health issues and any pre-existing conditions while safeguarding your privacy and rights.

While it is common for people to view their medical records as private documents, they can also be important pieces of evidence, demonstrating the link between your injuries and the accident, establishing the extent of your damages, and helping you calculate future medical needs. Protecting your privacy and building a strong case is possible, reach out to and have a conversation with a trusted Boca Raton personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Are you healing after sustaining an injury in a rideshare vehicle? The attorneys at Leifer & Ramirez are skilled in assessing damages after Uber and Lyft collisions. Book your fee-free conclusion today, call 561-660-9421.

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