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Monthly Archives: July 2019


The Tragic Implications of Road Rage

By Leifer Law Firm |

Sadly, road rage incidents occur often here in Florida. We have all been cut off by another driver or found ourselves on the road where we could not merge over easily simply because other drivers refused to let us. Therefore, everyone has probably experienced a case of road rage at one time or another…. Read More »

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The Potential Consequences of School Bus and School Zone Accidents

By Leifer Law Firm |

Despite their simple quest to obtain an education, school buses and school zones can be some of the most dangerous places for young children to be in their journey to reach the place where they can obtain this knowledge. And even when motorists attempt to yield to the smallest members of our society, it… Read More »

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The Continuing Trend of the Tragic Implications of Tesla’s Autopilot System

By Leifer Law Firm |

The South Florida Sun Sentinel recently reported that Tesla, the manufacturer of the vehicles involved in three different fatal crashes in recent years here in South Florida, remains a work in progress. Specifically, several of Tesla’s advertised automated navigation features are labeled as being in a “beta”, or test, phase. However, these beta features… Read More »

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