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What If Someone Else Gets In An Accident While Driving My Car?


You may not think anything of letting your significant other borrow your car to run an errand, but you’ll be thinking a lot if you find out they got into an accident on their way. Car accidents are stressful under any circumstance, but not knowing whether your policy will cover an accident because someone else was behind the wheel of your car can be incredibly stressful. You might assume that if the other person has car insurance, that it will cover the accident, however, that is not the case. It’s important to understand how car insurance works when someone else is driving your car, both before you lend it and if you are now dealing with the aftermath of doing so.

Other People’s Car Insurance is Irrelevant

Many people assume that if they have car insurance it will cover them no matter what vehicle they are driving in. However, that is not the case. Car insurance is attached to the car, not to the driver. This means that if someone else gets into an accident while driving your car, your car insurance will be the only insurance that comes into play (aside from that of any other drivers involved in the collision). Your car insurance policy can be charged up to its limits depending on the damage and injuries caused by the collision, and this is the case regardless of whether the accident was the fault of the person driving your car or not. This can cause your premiums to sky-rocket and have long-lasting implications for you, so always think twice before lending someone your car.

Consider How Often That Person Drives Your Car

The fact that this person drives your car all the time without issue may give you comfort, however, it can also cost you insurance coverage if they are not listed as a driver of the vehicle on your policy. Insurance companies ask you to list all regular drivers of your vehicle on your insurance policy, which in turn determines the rate that you will pay for insurance. They feel that if someone else will be driving your vehicle regularly, you should pay for any accidents that could occur while they are behind the wheel. This means that if someone regularly borrows your car and is in an accident but is not listed on your insurance policy, your insurance company can actually deny coverage completely. However, this is not all or nothing. There is a degree to which people can use your vehicle that is considered permissible. Generally, permissible use amounts to 12 times per year or less. This means that if the person who crashed your car used your car less than 12 times per year, your insurance will still cover the damage from the accident.

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