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Why You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer to File a Claim

Driving a vehicle can be one of the most dangerous things that you can do. According to the FLHSMV, there was an average of 1025 crashes per day in Florida alone in 2015.

And while you pray you’ll never need an accident lawyer, sometimes the worst happens. Your car is wrecked and you may be injured.

You might think you can do it all yourself but the process of filing claims in the aftermath can be stressful. Hiring a professional to fight your case can be a simple way to alleviate some of the worries.

Read on to learn why you should hire a specialist lawyer when filing a claim.

Not all claims will be straightforward

If you have a car accident and the other driver admits he’s at fault, then you can go ahead and file your claim. You might not even go to court. Or if you do, you can use the small claims court, which is more consumer-friendly.

But not all cases are that easy. If you can’t prove the other driver was at fault, then you need to call a car accident lawyer.

Lawyers understand how to work within the rules of the courts. They’re trained to be objective and rational about a situation you will naturally find emotional.

The out-of-pocket expenses may be high

Everyone has a different level of finances at which they feel comfortable operating when dealing with car accident expenses. Excessive out-of-pocket expenses for you might be $5,000. For someone down the block, they might be $15,000. Decide where you draw the line. If your expenses go beyond that, call a lawyer to help you handle the case.

You also need to factor lawyer fees into your claim. For smaller claims, it won’t cost very much. For larger claims, you may have some calculating to do.

But remember — if you try to represent yourself and you don’t win, then you get nothing. Hiring a car accident lawyer gives you a much higher chance of winning your case.

Consult a car accident lawyer if serious injuries are involved

On average, 2.35 million people are disabled or injured in car accidents every year.

If you suffer one of those serious injuries, such as damaged spinal discs, broken bones, or anything permanent, it will have a huge effect on your life.

Car accidents can have a massive impact on the quality of your life. Things like traumatic brain injuries can cause issues with getting a good night’s rest.

Life-changing (even on a temporary basis) injuries, can lead to much larger claims. You need a professional on your side to handle the case. You simply are not equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle this on your own.

A car accident lawyer can assist with many aspects of your claim, including how to handle medical outcomes and decisions.

You may not understand the terminology

Adjusters use professional terms suitable for their industry. But such terms aren’t always clear to the layperson. In addition, you might not agree with their findings.

They might ask you for medical records that predate the accident. Or they might offer a structured settlement when you’d prefer a lump sum. And you may find it difficult to prove lost wages if you work as a consultant or a freelance professional.

In any of these cases, a car accident lawyer can cut through the noise and help get you results.

If you have more questions, contact us.

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