Wrongful Death in Florida: Valuing the Loss of Life

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it is often devastating for those left behind. The situation is made even worse if the death was caused by negligence or an accident. The good news is, that the Florida Wrongful Death Act, which is a state law, ensures that the surviving family members who qualify have a way to obtain compensation for the loss they have suffered.

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How to Avoid Distracted Driving During the Eclipse

On August 21st, a total solar eclipse will occur in the United States, its path of totality crossing 14 states and more than 20 major interstate highways. Even those not in the path will be able to view a partial eclipse in most of the country. This is why the Federal Highway Administration is worried about distracted driving and how it will manifest itself during the eclipse.

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What Kinds of Damages May I Claim For Injuries Caused By A Car Accident?

According to the National Safety Council’s preliminary 2016 data, there were as many as 40,000 car crash-related deaths in the United States last year – this is an increase of 6% from 2015.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, it is your legal right to pursue “damages”. What are damages? Well, they are essentially monetary compensation for real physical, emotional, or financial losses that you experienced in the accident.

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