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How Witness Statements Can Support Your Personal Injury Claim


With thousands of car accidents that occur in the Sunshine State on a yearly basis, there are unfortunately a large number of personal injuries. Many victims of others’ negligence choose to pursue a personal injury claim. However, a successful personal injury case often requires a variety of evidence and witness statements can be a powerful tool in uncovering the truth behind the incident and substantiating your assertions.

Why Are Witness Statements Important?

No matter how atrocious the circumstances leading to your injuries, keep in mind that while you may know in your heart that the other person is at fault, there’s more to a personal injury claim than merely pointing a finger. You have to prove the fault of the adverse party and that the person or entity was negligent, meaning they did something wrong or failed to act responsibly, and that your injuries are a direct result of that negligence. You would be surprised by the number of at-fault drivers who are apologetic at the scene of an accident only to later backtrack and deny any blame once an injured party has notified the insurance company of the incident. In addition, you can expect the insurance adjuster to aggressively challenge your version of events as these companies literally exist to make a profit and do so by paying as little as possible in settlements to people like you.

Witness statements can help prove your version of events and demonstrate that adverse parties are at fault for causing your injuries. This is because:

  • The witness is an unbiased party. Unlike you and the defendant, the witness is someone who does not stand to benefit whatsoever. Unbiased parties are viewed as being most likely to be truthful.
  • It demonstrates the strength of your case to the insurer. By moving past the conflicting stories of you and the other driver, this neutral account of events that backs up your version means the insurance company may be more likely to settle outside of a courtroom as in the vast majority of personal injury cases these days.

Is Every Witness the Right Witness for Proving a Claim?

Unfortunately, every witness is not an asset to your personal injury claim even if he or she observed the car accident. In addition to being present at the scene, it is also essential that witnesses be reliable and credible, especially in the event that the case ends up going to trial. Without being someone who comes across as believable, a witness who supports your account of the accident will not be much help to your personal injury claim and can actually end up inadvertently harming it. Therefore, you should record the names and contact information of all available witnesses at the scene of the accident and later proceed with choosing your witnesses with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Let Us Help You Support Your Claim

If you sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you have every right to pursue full compensation for your injuries. However, to gather the right witness evidence, you need the right legal help. As the  personal injury attorneys of Leifer & Ramirez with offices in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, we have the knowledge and skills you can rely on to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to begin with a conversation at no cost to you.

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