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Aspiring Florida Rapper Dies in a Drive-By Shooting


An aspiring Florida rapper was died outside of a Jacksonville restaurant after being shot in a drive-by shooting stemming from a street fight. The rapper collapsed in the arms of his girlfriend after being gunned down outside the restaurant. He died in her arms before emergency personnel could arrive.

Most people are familiar with murder, but in the United States there are several degrees and types of murder. Murder can include homicide, voluntary manslaughter, capital murder, and involuntary manslaughter, just to name a few. How the offender is sentenced in a court of law depends on the intent and severity of the crime. This can be extremely confusing for the public.

While most people view murder as murder, that’s not the way the court system looks at it. In certain cases, such as when someone dies due to an accidental killing, the death won’t even be charged as a criminal offense. Rather it could still be considered a wrongful death and become the center of a civil lawsuit.

Criminal Charges vs. Civil Lawsuit 

When it comes to murder there can be two categories of lawsuits: criminal and civil. In a civil suit, one person can bring a lawsuit against another person, business, or entity. When an individual files this type of civil lawsuit, they typically hire a personal injury or wrongful death attorney who will fight for their rights and achieve justice for the death of their family member in the form of monetary compensation.

Criminal lawsuits, however, are brought against the offender by prosecutors for the government and the objective of such lawsuits is to punish the offender for a crime that they committed against the victim. The result is usually jail time and/or large fines.

The Difference Between Criminal Murder Charges and Wrongful Death Civil Lawsuits 

Because a wrongful death is a type of civil offense, it will be tried in a civil court. The surviving family of the deceased person brings forth the case against the individual or other entity whose negligence resulted in the death of their family member. When a defendant is found guilty in this type of civil case, the punishment is not given in the form of incarceration. Instead, they are forced to pay the family for the loss of their loved one in monetary damages.

Murder, however, is a criminal offense and will be tried in a criminal court. A prosecutor for the government will bring forth charges against the defendant, or offender, whether or not the family of the victim requests them to do so. If the offender is found guilty of the criminal charges they will be punished according to the guidelines of the Florida law. Most cases of murder can result in a civil lawsuit, but not all will result in criminal charges.

Consult a Florida Wrongful Death Attorney 

If your loved one has lost their life as a result of the negligence of another individual or business, you may be entitled to compensation. While the monetary compensation will never make up for the loss of your loved one, it can seek justice on their behalf and help pay for any financial difficulties that resulted due to their unexpected death. Contact an experienced Boca Raton attorney at Leifer Law Firm and schedule a consultation today at one of our convenient Florida locations.


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