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Are Tesla Autopilot Systems Really Safe?

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New technology always seems attractive, especially when it comes to driving. After all, many of us spend what we perceive as wasted time in traffic on a daily basis commuting from one destination to another. Anything that either shortens our journey or enables us to use our commuting time more wisely instantly seems like a good idea. In this spirit, Tesla has been one of the pioneering manufacturers of Autopilot technology for vehicles. But unfortunately, the products released by this company continue to be accused of demonstrating the possible downside to being one of the first users of new technology. This brings up the question of whether Tesla’s Autopilot system is really safe.

What Recent Lawsuit Has Cast Tesla Into the Spotlight Once Again?

The South Florida Sun Sentinel recently reported that Tesla is once again in hot water after a recent car accident fatality. The automobile manufacturer is facing yet another lawsuit following an incident where the driver of one of its vehicles skidded 1,600 feet after sliding under a semi-truck at 68 mph while running on Autopilot. The impact of the collision reportedly sheared off the top of the bright red Tesla Model 3 which led to the death of its 50-year-old driver. The fatal collision occurred earlier this year after a tractor-trailer pulled out in front of the Tesla.

The victim’s wife and three kids are seeking more than $15,000 in damages for the death of their husband and father from Tesla, a trucking company and the semi-truck driver who was involved in the accident. The lawyer representing the victim’s family alleges that Tesla falsely advertised the Autopilot system by representing that the company’s Autopilot mode misrepresented that it eliminated the risk of harm or injury to the driver.

Tragically, the victim had only engaged the Autopilot system for about ten seconds before the fatal crash according to a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board. The Tesla reportedly traveled about the length of five football fields after the collision.

So This Isn’t the First Instance of a Controversial Accident?

Unfortunately not. At least three different fatal crashes have occurred in recent years here in South Florida. One accident reportedly involved excessive speed. Two others are accused of having involving flaming batteries and at this point, whether Autopilot played a role in any of these incidents and the resulting injuries resulting remains unclear.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured in an Accident Involving a Tesla?

Sadly, accidents involving Teslas don’t seem to be ending anytime soon – and many of them have dire consequences. If you have been injured in one, you and your loved ones deserve to have the help of an experienced attorney who is seasoned in delving through complex and novel matters. You need competent legal help to help you take full advantage of the options you have under Florida law to hold the responsible party accountable. The  South Florida car accident attorneys of Leifer & Ramirez have helped many people pursue the compensation that they deserve during our 25 years of combined experience and we can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today to begin.

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