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If you or your child was hurt while playing sports, you probably have serious questions and concerns about your rights. You could suffer considerable losses, including costly medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. Though not all sports injuries are due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a claim if a school, sports program, coach, or other potential party acted carelessly.

At Leifer & Ramirez, our team of experienced Delray Beach sports injury lawyers has in-depth knowledge of the laws and legal concepts that apply to these types of claims. We have assisted many victims and their families in obtaining compensation from those responsible for causing sports injuries. Regardless of your age and the severity of your injuries, you can trust our attorneys to treat your case with the attention it deserves.

Sports Injuries in Adults

For adult victims, sports injuries can be devastating. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic head injury, and similar injuries require costly treatment and rehabilitative care. Not only do you face a lengthy recovery time, but your ability to work may be affected temporarily or permanently. Professional athletes may have to give up a successful sports career over a single traumatic incident.

It is common for amateurs and professionals to experience injuries by participating in contact sports, but there are some cases where another person’s negligence is a key factor. If you suffered sports injuries because of another player’s intentional acts or someone failed to recognize a risk, you may have a claim to recover compensation.

Youth Sports Injuries

Sports can be character-building, educational, and fun, but excitement quickly turns to tragedy if your child is hurt when participating. Every sport carries some risk of injury, so various parties are responsible for reducing the risk. Children need proper equipment, supervision, instruction, and training. Even a slight mistake in any of these areas can lead to a sports injury accident.

Liability in Sports Injury Claims

Determining who is responsible for sports injuries is complicated, as these activities are voluntary. Generally, you understand that the risks and participate in sports anyway, knowing that you could get hurt. Still, you may be able to recover compensation from certain parties under some circumstances.

  • Schools, Sports Leagues, and Programs: As a parent, you consent to having your child participate in a school sport or league. That consent means that you agree to the risks, but that does not mean the organizers are cleared of liability when your child is hurt playing sports. There may be negligence where aggressive behavior, fighting, excessive force, and other non-typical conduct is not immediately addressed.

  • Coaches and Instructors: Team leaders can be held responsible for sports injuries if they use inappropriate coaching methods or unauthorized tactics, such as:

    • Encouraging participants to “play dirty” or violate game rules;
    • Preventing an injured player from exiting;
    • Assault or physical attacks;
    • Pushing players to overexertion or exhaustion;
    • Failure to provide proper medical care when an injury occurs; and,
    • Similar acts.

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For more information on your rights, please call Leifer & Ramirez at 561-660-9421 or check out our website. We can schedule a free consultation with a sports injury attorney who can tell you more about your options.

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