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Recovering from any type of injury can be difficult, but your experience may be even more challenging if you are hurt in a workplace accident. Recognizing the difficulties injured employees face, Florida has enacted a comprehensive set of workers’ compensation laws intended to assist you during tough times. However, though the statutes exist for your benefit, the process of filing a claim can be very complex.

At Leifer & Ramirez, our Delray Beach workplace accident lawyers are here to guide you through every aspect of the workers’ comp process in Florida. We will assist with filing a claim for monetary benefits, communicating with your employer and/or insurance company, and addressing any complications that arise along the way. If it becomes necessary to enforce your rights before the Division of Workers’ Compensation, our attorneys also have extensive experience in these proceedings.

Overview of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System

Workplace accident claims are unlike other incidents where you suffer injuries, but these differences do present advantages. In a personal injury lawsuit, you would have to prove negligence, which can be very difficult considering the workplace environment. Plus, litigation can take months at minimum; it is more likely that you will not resolve your case for years.

To obtain benefits under a workers’ comp claim, you do not need to prove fault. You only need to show that you are an eligible employee that suffered an injury or illness due to workplace conditions. In addition, you must follow the proper procedures for filing your claim, including compliance with proper time limitations. Fortunately, you can start receiving benefits within a very short time after your workplace accident. Your compensation comes from the workers’ compensation insurance that most Florida employers are required to carry for the protection of their employees.

Claim Your Workers’ Comp Benefits After a Workplace Accident

Your specific benefits depend on the nature of the injury, but some examples of the financial support you can receive include:

  • Medical Expenses, including the costs of immediate treatment and for care you require in the future;

  • Temporary Disability, if you cannot work because of your injuries or are limited in the tasks you can perform;

  • Permanent Disability, in extreme cases where you are never again able to work in your chosen position;

  • Death Benefits, which a surviving spouse and children can claim because of the losses they suffer due to the passing of their loved one.

Note that, though workers’ compensation benefits are your right if you qualify, insurance companies are not always willing to pay your claim or may offer a lower amount to resolve it. It is critical to work with attorneys that will be persistent in enforcing your rights and getting the full amount of benefits you deserve by law.

Talk to a Delray Beach Workplace Accident Lawyer for Free

Your chances of a smooth workers’ compensation claims process greatly improve when you have knowledgeable attorneys to represent your interests. Our workplace accident lawyers will ensure you obtain the benefits you deserve if you suffer an on-the-job injury, so please contact Leifer & Ramirez today for a free consultation. You can reach our Delray Beach office at 561-660-9421 or by going online to learn more about our firm.

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