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Deerfield Beach Serious Personal Injury Lawyer

At Leifer & Ramirez, our Deerfield Beach serious personal injury lawyers advocate on behalf of victims and their family members for fair and ample settlement awards for their injury claims. While we believe that every personal injury case warrants our full attention and resources, we know that a serious personal injury has the potential to negatively impact several aspects of a victim’s life, and not just one or two. For this reason, when we take on a case that involves brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, organ failure, or even death, we pour our hearts and souls into ensuring that victims and their family members walk away with the monies they need to recover in financial comfort.

If you have lived through a tragic accident and now live with a debilitating injury, or if you lost a loved one after watching him or her suffer from a debilitating injury, contact a team of lawyers that is willing to do whatever it takes to seek justice on your behalf. Contact Leifer & Ramirez today.

What is a “Serious Injury”?

The term “serious injury” varies from person to person, and what one might consider “serious,” another might consider “minor.” For this reason, the law has outlined what constitutes as a “serious injury” and what does not. According to the legal definition of the term, serious injury refers to an injury that results in one or more of the following:

  • Death;
  • Loss of fetus;
  • Dismemberment;
  • Permanent loss of use of a body organ, member, function, or system;
  • Disfigurement; or
  • Impairment.

An example of a serious injury would be one that results in a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, organ failure, or death.

Common Causes of Serious Injury

Just like a non-serious injury, serious injury can happen at any time, anywhere, and despite a victim’s precautions. Many of the serious injury cases that we deal with at our Deerfield Beach personal injury law firm stem from the following types of accidents:

  • Car accidents;
  • Boating accidents;
  • Trucking accidents;
  • Construction accidents;
  • Work-related accidents;
  • Product defects;
  • Premises liability; or
  • Manufacturer defects.

Why Work With a Firm That Focuses on Serious Injury

Unlike physical ailments, serious injuries tend to impact people’s lives in ways that no one but the victims notice. For instance, a person who sustains a traumatic brain injury may develop anxiety, depression, and aggression, all of which could negatively impact his or her work, social, and personal lives. A person who sustains a spinal cord injury may no longer be able to run, hike, swim, or do anything physical, which could take a toll on his or her mental health. The damages in serious injury cases are far greater than what one can see with the eye, which is why it is essential for an accident victim to retain the help of a Deerfield Beach serious injury lawyer who understands serious injuries.

At Leifer & Ramirez, we work with doctors, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, vocational rehabilitation professionals, forensic economists, and other necessary experts to prove that the damages caused by serious injuries extend beyond the physical, and to help decision makers understand the true implications of our clients’ injuries. Our ultimate goal is to put a value on something—such as one’s life—that cannot truly be valued.

Retain the Help of a Deerfield Beach Serious Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one sustained a serious injury in a Deerfield Beach accident, contact Leifer & Ramirez today to schedule a free and private consultation. We will review the facts of your case and, if we determine that you have a case, fight on your behalf for the compensation you need to recover in financial comfort.

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