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When a consumer purchases a product, she should be able to expect that it is safe for use and that it will not cause an unforeseeable harm. However, consumers purchase defective products on a regular basis, and sometimes these defects result in severe personal injuries. Product defects can occur in almost any consumer product, including the foods we eat, the vehicles we drive, the medications we take, the household furniture and appliances we use, and even the toys we buy for our children.

When products are defective and cause harm, the injury victims deserve to seek financial compensation for their losses. An aggressive Deerfield Beach defective product lawyer can help with your product liability lawsuit.

What is a Deerfield Beach Product Liability Lawsuit?

Products liability is an area of personal injury law that allows consumers who have been injured by defective products to seek compensation for their losses. According to the Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute (LII), products liability “refers to the liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product.”

Unlike some other types of personal injury lawsuits, defective product claims typically do not require the plaintiff to show that the defendant was negligent. Instead, product liability lawsuits work under a theory known as “strict liability,” which means that to prevail on a claim a plaintiff must show only the following:

  1. Plaintiff suffered an injury;
  2. Product was defective; and
  3. Plaintiff’s injury resulted from the product defect.

Understanding the Different Types of Product Liability Claims in Deerfield Beach

How does a plaintiff show that a product was defective? There are three different types of product defects:

  1. Design defect, or design flaw: Sometimes the very design of a product has a flaw or a defect. Before the product even reaches the stage of manufacture, there is already something inherently wrong in its design that can make it dangerous for consumers.

  2. Manufacturing defect: In some product liability cases, there is nothing wrong with the design of a product but it ends up containing a defect or flaw that occurs while it is being manufactured.

  3. Marketing defect, or the failure to warn: This is a type of product defect in which the object itself might not have something wrong with it, but it was marketed in a manner that is dangerous. A marketing defect can also be known as the failure to warn. For example, a product might have incorrect or misleading information on its label, or it might fail to provide a warning about risks on its label.

Learn More from a Deerfield Beach Defective Product Lawyer

Nobody should have to suffer harm from a consumer product defect, but unfortunately these injuries happen with some frequency. If you or someone you love suffered an injury after using a defective product, it is extremely important to learn more about your options for seeking compensation. An experienced Deerfield Beach defective product attorney can assist you. Contact Leifer & Ramirez today to speak with an advocate and to get started on your case.

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