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Unfortunately, individuals involved in trucking accidents are not treated equitably. Commercial trucking organizations and the insurance companies who represent them are widely known to offer a minimal amount of compensatory awards to victims. People are injured by the thousands and presented with far less money for damages than they deserve. To help safeguard against trucking and insurance companies working against your best interest, hirea knowledgeable Boynton Beach truck liability lawyer to review your claim and provide guidance as you weigh the options you have legally.

Ascertain Who is Responsible for the Accident

According to information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of fatalities involved in trucking accidents has been declining since 2007. Part of the decrease is due to the recession in 2007 and 2008. Another reason is the enforcement of laws reducing the amount of time truck drivers can spend actively behind the wheel. But determining who is liable in a truck accident is difficult.

Many trucking companies have the financial resources to drag out a court case almost indefinitely. The prosecution of a company of this nature can be expensive, multifaceted, and may conclude with a result that is not favorable. When an accident involving a truck occurs, you should understand there are several defendants who may be liable and responsible for providing you with compensation. Sorting out who is negligent is a time-consuming process and another reason you should work with a qualified attorney.

Those who may be liable to you for any injuries sustained are:

  • The parties who were actively involved in the truck accident – The operator of the truck and the drivers of other vehicles that contributed to the accident.

  • The truck driver’s employer – The trucking company executives or the owner of the truck may not have been driving the vehicle, but they may be directly responsible for the negligence of the truck driver if the owner of the truck exhibits behavior that is excessively irresponsible. For example, to maximize the amount of goods that can be transported, a trucking company ignores the law and allows drivers to work as many hours as they want. This can lead to fatigue and an accident. Our skilled attorneys can identify the negligent parties to help win your case.

  • The facility repairing and/or maintaining the truck – The circumstances of the accident may have been exacerbated by repairs to the truck that were subpar.

  • Federal agencies responsible for road maintenance – The government may not have done enough to ensure the roads were safe to drive upon. If guardrails had been in place, potholes filled, cracks repaired, etc., maybe the accident could have been avoided.

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Well-versed in Florida law, the truck liability lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez have the experience to deliver expert advice as you work toward resolution. For a free consultation to determine if you are eligible for monetary damages as a result of injuries incurred during your accident, contact us today.

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