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The average car traveling on American roadways weighs a bit under 3,000 pounds. That is a heavy vehicle to lose control over, which is exactly what happens when a driver becomes distracted. Distractions come in many different forms. Some divert a driver’s eyes from the roadway. Others take his or her hands off the steering wheel. Some do neither, but distract the driver mentally, which can impair his or her perception and judgment.

When a distracted driver causes another person to suffer an injury, the driver is liable for the victim’s related damages. The victim can pursue monetary compensation for his or her car accident damages through a personal injury claim, contact our experienced Boynton Beach distracted driving lawyers today.

Common Distractions Drivers Face

You are probably familiar with some of the common driving distractions that can lead to accidents. They include:

  • Text messaging while driving;
  • Talking on the phone while driving;
  • Eating;
  • Grooming;
  • Drinking coffee and other beverages while driving;
  • Interacting with the vehicle’s infotainment system; and
  • Setting GPS routes.

There are also a few not-as-common distractions drivers can face, like:

  • Their own passengers;
  • Emotions and intrusive thoughts about events that happened before driving;
  • Music or talk radio content;
  • Their own discomfort;
  • The scenery outside; and
  • Other vehicles. This includes trying to read other vehicles’ bumper stickers, looking at the drivers and passengers in other vehicles, and becoming fixated on other vehicles’

Any time a driver’s hands, eyes, and attention are not fully engaged in driving the car, he or she is a distracted driver.

Pursuing Compensation for your Car Accident Damages

In your personal injury claim, you must prove that your injury was the direct result of another party’s negligence. In a distracted driving case, the distracted driving is the negligence you must prove was the cause of your accident.

You can prove this with:

  • Eyewitness testimonies of the accident;
  • A copy of the official police report;
  • Data from the other driver’s phone service provider showing that his or her phone was in use at the time of the collision; and
  • Photographs of the accident scene and the driver’s vehicle that point to distractions causing the collision.

A distracted driver might miss a red light or a stop sign, fail to merge or yield properly, fail to stop for pedestrians, or rear end another vehicle. In any type of accident, all parties involved can suffer injuries.

An Experienced Boynton Beach Distracted Driving Lawyer Can Help You

You do not deserve to shoulder the financial burden you are suffering because of another driver’s actions. When you are facing steep damages because of an accidental injury, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses with an experienced auto accident lawyer. To get started with a member of our team at Leifer & Ramirez, contact our office to set up your free consultation. We are available to meet when you can, whether that is during business hours, at night, or even on a weekend.

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