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Boynton Beach Cuts & Laceration Injury Lawyer

Each year, millions of Americans are involved in a car or motor vehicle accident. In the majority of cases these collisions do not result in fatal or life-threatening injuries. In fact, one of the more common types of injuries sustained in accidents are cuts and lacerations.

Although you might not think such injuries are serious or worthy of compensation, think again. Cuts and lacerations often require extensive medical treatment–including surgery–and render victims susceptible to infections and other complications. This is why you should never dismiss a cut or laceration as a “minor” injury. Instead, you should get in contact with the experienced Boynton Beach cuts & laceration injury lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez to discuss your legal options for obtaining compensation.

How Serious Is a Cut or Laceration?

When we refer to cuts and lacerations, we’re not talking about minor, barely visible scratches to the skin. A “laceration,” in fact, is defined as any wound where the skin, tissue, or underlying muscle is torn or cut open. While some lacerations are shallow and may only require a bandage, many others are quite deep and require stitches. These type of cut lacerations are frequently the result of broken glass or loose metal produced by the force of a motor vehicle collision.

There are also split lacerations, which are caused when a body part is crushed between objects. For instance, a driver may sustain a split laceration when her head hits the steering wheel or dashboard in a head-on collision. Split lacerations are also common in rollover accidents.

Another type of crush-related injury is known as grinding compression. This refers to a laceration caused when an object comes into direct contact with the skin and starts to brush or peel it away from the body, exposing the underlying tissue. A common example of grinding compression is when a part of the vehicle, such as a tire, pushes against the victim’s body.

Finally, there is a rarer type of laceration injury known as over-stretching. This is basically a tear in the skin caused by a single object striking the body at a particular angle. A non-car-accident example of over-stretching would be getting shot with a bullet. But even in a motor vehicle crash, it is possible for a projectile–such as piece of glass–to strike the body and cause over-stretching.

How Serious Are Laceration Injuries?

There are three major concerns with respect to cuts and lacerations: loss of blood, infections, and scarring. All of these may lead to serious, long-term complications. This is why it is always important to seek medical attention following a car accident. Do not simply assume that any cuts or lacerations you sustain will properly heal on their own.

It is equally important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Your cut and laceration injuries are evidence of the damages you sustained in the accident. And you should not be held financially liable for the cost of caring for such injuries if someone else was legally responsible for the crash.

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