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Commercial vehicle wrecks in Florida result in severe property damage as well as devastating injuries. Whether an accident was caused by a malfunction or a negligent driver, the Boca Raton truck accident lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez can help. You deserve compensation for your injuries. Let us help you secure that compensation you deserve.

Liability in Truck Accidents

Any time a collision occurs with a passenger vehicle and semi-truck, it gets complicated. It is best to contact an attorney that understands local and federal regulations for truck drivers as well as a thorough understanding of motor carrier safety regulations.

Depending on the factors regarding your accident, there may be multiple causes of the crash or even multiple parties that contributed to the accident. A truck accident lawyer can investigate the circumstances of your accident and discover who is at fault and who should be held liable for your injuries.

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The Interstate versus Intrastate Liability

If you have been injured by a commercial truck, the type of truck that hit you may affect how you recover damages. There are different laws regarding intrastate and interstate trucking; therefore, you need to understand the difference between the two first before filing your claim.

Interstate Trucking

Interstate refers to any commercial truck that travels between states, whether it is just two states or all of them. If the vehicle does interstate trucking, then the case falls under the interstate liability laws.

Some vehicles that may perform interstate trucking include:

  • UPS, FedEx or Other Mail Carrier Trucks
  • Department Store or Retailer Delivery Trucks
  • Grocery Store Trucks
  • Logging Trucks
  • Charter Busses
  • Gasoline and Petroleum Vehicles

Any truck that engages in interstate activity is regulated by The Department of Transportation and is required to follow the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

What are the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?

These laws were created to keep drivers safe on the roads. Truckers must follow these federal regulations, which govern everything from how many hours a driver can perform, the size and weight of their truck, weight per axel, and so on.

Just some of the federal truck regulations drivers must follow include:

  • Drivers cannot drive longer than 11 hours at one time without a 10-hour rest.

  • Drivers cannot drive consecutive 14-hour shifts after just finishing a 10-hour mandatory break.

  • Drivers are not allowed to drive for more than 60 to 70 hours total within a 7 to 8 day work week.

  • Drivers who have sleepers in their cabs are required to take a minimum of eight hours of rest in that sleeper.

  • Trucks cannot weigh more than 80,000 pounds.

  • Trucks cannot carry more than 20,000 pounds per axle.

Federal Regulations Prevent Accidents

Federal regulations were created to help prevent accidents. By ensuring drivers are well-rested and their trucks do not have unsafe loads of cargo, the government hoped to reduce the number of trucking accidents. But despite these regulations, employers and truckers still opt to engage in unsafe practices and skip mandatory rest times.

Intrastate Trucking

Intrastate traffic is different than interstate traffic. Instead of traveling out of the state, this type of cargo is solely done inside the state of Florida. Some common types of intrastate vehicles include:

  • Fire Trucks
  • Gas Trucks
  • Garbage and Waste Vehicles
  • School Busses
  • Transit Busses
  • Water Trucks
  • Local Delivery Trucks (that pick up from local distribution centers)

Intrastate vehicles are not regulated by The Department of Transportation; instead, they must follow Florida state laws. But, luckily Florida laws are very similar to the federal laws, which mean that they have adopted most of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

While the rules may be the same, filing a lawsuit in these types of cases is still tricky and requires a professional who knows how to determine the different liabilities and regulations.

Injured by a Truck Accident? Contact the Accident Experts at Leifer & Ramirez Today

Leifer & Ramirez can meet with you today to discuss your case. If you or a loved one has been injured because of a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation for those losses. Accident victims can get compensation for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • …and more

Regardless of how the accident occurred and what regulations apply, you need an experienced truck collision attorney. At Leifer & Ramirez, our attorneys and office staff understand truck accidents. We have the resources to investigate and defend your rights so that you get maximum compensation for your losses. Our law firm can provide you with legal services and we will meet with you with no obligations. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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