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It is important to realize that special rules apply in emergency room settings. And, while errors are inexcusable, how those errors are treated can be different than an error that occurs in your doctor’s office.

Special Circumstances for Emergency Responders

State laws do protect first responders from lawsuit; therefore, you cannot sue firefighters or even paramedics for saving your life. There are similar laws that protect the nurses and doctors in the emergency room. But, just because they are protected in some situations does not mean that critical errors do not happen – nor does it mean they cannot be held responsible for those errors.

Understanding Liability in ER Errors

If you are injured by a medical professional in an emergency situation, you must prove that the medical professional acted recklessly or negligently. This is why it is imperative you hire an attorney that understands these types of cases.

First Responders – They Have Protection

First responders who come to the scene of your emergency are given a level of protection from lawsuits. This can include:

  • Firefighters
  • Police
  • Ambulance crews
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Para-rescue teams
  • Helicopter nurses
  • Paramedics

But, first responders are not 100 percent immune from lawsuits. If they acted negligently or recklessly, they can still be sued. Some common instances of that include:

  • Blatant negligent behavior
  • Showing up to the scene under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Intentional harming
  • Total reckless behavior

Malpractice Rules Apply to Nurses and Physicians in Emergency Rooms

Nurses, physicians, and other professionals working in the emergency room are not immune from their errors; they can still be sued for malpractice. But, to prove that the emergency room professional was negligent, you will have to prove four key factors:

That the physician or medical professional in the emergency room was actually treating you or overseeing your care.

  1. That the individual performed a negligent, reckless or careless act.
  2. That their negligence or incompetence lead to your injury.
  3. That your injury resulted in damages.

Types of Emergency Room Errors

The most common type of emergency room error is misdiagnosis. This is because emergency room professionals are rushed to diagnose and treat patients while staying up with the rest of the patients waiting for their treatment. Some common emergency room errors that Leifer & Ramirez sees include:

  • Neglect
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Medication errors
  • Delayed or failed to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Contaminated blood transfusions
  • Infections
  • Inadequate treatment due to rushing
  • Ignoring obvious signs of distress in a patient

Injuries Associated with Emergency Room Errors

Just because ER physicians are overworked and ERs have limited staff does not mean they are allowed to make critical errors. They have many patients they see each day, which increases the chances for error. Some common injuries associated with ER errors include:

  • Appendicitis
  • Heart attack
  • Deadly disease
  • Infection
  • Brain bleeding or aneurysm
  • Stroke
  • Deadly seizure
  • Internal bleeding
  • Breathing problems
  • Clot

Compensation You May Be Entitled to for ER Errors

If you or a loved one was injured because of an ER error, then you may be entitled to compensation. The settlement amount depends on the factors of your case, but some items Leifer & Ramirez may be able to seek can include:

  • Medical costs
  • Hospital bills
  • Medication costs
  • Future medical treatments
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Wrongful death
  • Get Help for Your ER Error Case

It is important to contact an attorney regarding your emergency room error case. Because not all ER errors are valid medical malpractice claims, you need an attorney to evaluate your case. Leifer & Ramirez may be able to identify more than one party you can hold responsible for your injuries, including:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • ER Aides
  • The hospital

We offer free consultations and we can discuss your case with you today. You have limited time to file medical malpractice cases in Florida, so the sooner you act, the faster you can get back on the road to recovery.

If you or a loved one was injured because of emergency room errors, you need to hire a Boca Raton medical malpractice lawyer that understands these special circumstances and can help protect your rights – even if the law makes it seem like you don’t have any. Contact us now to schedule your no obligation consultation. Still in the hospital? Leifer & Ramirez will send an attorney out to you to discuss your case in person.

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