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After a sports injury, you may be wondering who will take care of the medical bills and damages you have endured and accumulated. While not all sports injuries are acts of negligence, there are instances where a facility, coach or even sports league can be held liable for someone’s injuries.

Leifer & Ramirez has a team of experienced Boca Raton sports injury lawyers that understand these special types of cases. We have handled all types of sports injuries and we understand the confusion you and your loved ones are going through. Our team of Florida injury lawyers has represented individuals and families that were the victim of a sports injury, including high school sports and adult sports. No matter how minor or serious the injury is, we will treat your case like it is our top priority.

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Adult Sports Injury

Adult recreational and professional sports alike see their fair share of accidents and injuries. But, an athlete that is injured due to someone’s negligence shouldn’t be left to the player. From broken bones to spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, you need the assistance of a skilled sports injury attorneys.

Often adult sports are more aggressive (sometimes even violent) and the competition is fierce. If you were injured because another player purposely harmed you or because your coach failed to recognize a risk, you may have a case for your sports injury.

For adults, injuries can be costly and even catastrophic. Not only does it take longer for an adult to heal, an injury may impact an adult’s career or even his or her ability to work. For those playing amateur sports, they could lose their entire sports career over a single injury.

Our Florida sports injury attorneys are experienced in these types of injury cases and we can get you the compensation you deserve to cover medical bills, lost wages, loss of future income, loss of consortium and even permanent or temporary disability.

Youth Sports Injury

Youth sports are meant to be fun and exciting, but they can turn tragic. You let your child enter into sports teams and leagues for the love of the game and to teach them about the sport. From baseball to soccer to cheer leading and gymnastics, every sport comes with some risk of injury.

To limit that risk, children need to be provided with the right equipment, supervision, and training to ensure safety while participating. Unfortunately, all it takes is one person’s negligence to lead to accidents, which could even result in permanent disability for a young child. Whether it is a school sport or city league, you still have rights.

Who is Liable?

Sports injuries can vary. From muscle sprains to concussion to broken bones and spinal cord damage. Determining who is liable for these types of injuries is not easy. There are also complex legal issues that can prevent a claim from going through, which is why it is imperative you hire an attorney skilled in these matters.

The League or School Sports Program

In order for your child to enter into the sport, you must give your consent. The consent means that you agree to the risks associated with that sport and that you are often releasing the school of any liability.

But, that doesn’t mean the school is 100 percent free from any lawsuit. If they allow conduct that is outside regular conduct of the game, then they could be considered negligent. For example, allowing overly aggressive behaviors or even fighting during hockey or allowing players to use excessive force in basketball could result in a negligence claim.

Coaches and Instructors

It is possible for coaches or instructors to be held liable for an injury. If they perform any type inappropriate coaching or use unauthorized techniques, then they could be liable. These can include:

  • Encouraging players to use behaviors outside of the normal rules of the game, such as playing dirty.

  • Failing to let an injured player exit the game.

  • Assaulting or verbally assaulting players on the team.

  • Pushing a player beyond his or her capabilities and within reasonable limits, such as forcing a player to run for hours in the heat without water.

  • Failing to consult medical doctors during an emergency or when a player reports an injury in their presence.

Injured at playing Sport? Contact a Sports Injury Lawyer at Leifer & Ramirez

Boca Raton personal injury lawyers at Leifer & Ramirez can help you with your sports injury. Contact us today for a free consultation and we can determine if you have a claim. Schedule your consultation with us by dialing 561-660-9421.

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