Questions About Car Insurance After An Accident

Most people are confused and unsure about what to do after they've been in a car accident.

At the Leifer Law Firm, we represent the interests of people who have suffered serious injuries and financial losses in a car accident caused by the negligence or misconduct of another driver.

Legal Help Dealing With The Insurance Company After An Accident

While our primary concern is ensuring you regain your health, we know that you may have many questions relating to your property damage claim and insurance coverage. Attorney Corey Leifer can explain your coverage and advise you if we see that you would benefit from having additional insurance. Our clients appreciate this extra service.

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Property Damage Claims

  • Will my insurance go up? This is a huge concern for many people and we often hear people say they don't want to call their insurance company because they fear the long-term effect of a claim. No, your insurance WILL NOT go up if you were not at fault. You will not be penalized for someone else's negligence.
  • What do I do with my car? We will open a claim with other driver's insurance company and will get a property adjuster assigned to inspect your car and give an estimate. We do this right away, within the first 24 to 48 hours. We'll ensure there are photos of the damage if you haven't taken photos already.
  • Will it be totaled? Sometimes claims adjusters low-ball the amount of damage and offer people less than they need to really repair the car. They are counting on the fact that you won't know any better. But we know better! We'll ensure you don't get ripped off. We deal with adjusters all the time and we know the cost of car repairs in this area. If we think it's not fair, we'll get you a second inspection and another estimate.
  • If your car was totaled, we can often expedite the process of getting you a check for the replacement of your car.
  • If you need to rent a car while yours is being repaired, we will check your policy and explain your coverage for a rental car.

Do I have to pay the deductible if someone else was at fault? Yes, at least temporarily. If you have a larger accident case or injuries or property damage, we can usually get you back your deductible payment as part of the lawsuit or settlement.

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