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Monthly Archives: June 2022


Can A “Substantially Similar” Accident Help You Prove A Florida Slip-And-Fall Case?

By Leifer & Ramirez |

Slip-and-fall accident lawsuits are often tricky to win because of the need for the victim to prove the property owner had “actual or constructive notice” of the hazard that caused the victim’s injuries. Actual notice is just what it sounds like–the owner actually knew there was a safety hazard that could harm customers and… Read More »

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Family Of 14-Year Old Killed In Icon Park Accident Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By Leifer & Ramirez |

Florida is famous for its amusement parks. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good time. Some people end up suffering serious injuries–or are even killed–due to negligently designed or maintained park rides. You may have seen the recent news headlines surrounding the death of 14-year-old Tyre Sampson. In March of this year, Sampson died after… Read More »

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Could Wearing Flip-Flops Make You Liable For Your Own Slip And Fall Accident?

By Leifer & Ramirez |

In Florida personal injury lawsuits, the defense may attempt to argue that the plaintiff was partially–or even completely–responsible for their own injuries. This is known as comparative fault. And if the jury assigns even a small percentage of comparative fault to the plaintiff, that can limit the amount of damages that they ultimately receive…. Read More »

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Tesla Faces Yet Another Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit

By Leifer & Ramirez |

Elon Musk has been in the news a good deal recently due to his proposed acquisition of Twitter. But Musk’s current company, Tesla, has been in court a lot more addressing legal challenges to the safety of its famous electric cars. Indeed, here in Florida and around the country, there have been multiple personal… Read More »

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How A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Can Seek Justice When Criminal Prosecution Is No Longer An Option

By Leifer & Ramirez |

A wrongful death lawsuit provides a legal mechanism for the family of a deceased person to seek financial compensation from the person (or persons) whose wrongful acts caused their loved one’s death. In this context, a wrongful act may be simply negligent–such as failing to obey the traffic laws and causing an accident–or even… Read More »

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Can You Seek Damages In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit If You Married Your Late Spouse After Their Injury Occurred?

By Leifer & Ramirez |

Unlike other types of personal injury cases, a wrongful death claim focuses on the losses suffered by the immediate family of the victim rather than the victim themselves. For instance, Florida’s Wrongful Death Act permits the surviving spouse and minor children of the decedent to recover monetary damages for the loss of the decedent’s… Read More »

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